Our Role in FFA


As FFA Alumni, our role is one of support, and involvement with FFA members at all levels. The Oregon FFA Alumni work across our beautiful and diverse state to promote FFA and agricultural education in various capacities. We strive to:

  • Serve as mentors for FFA members by using personal and career experience to guide students on a path towards success as they progress through high school and grow as individuals 
  • Support Agricultural Education by illustrating the importance of these programs to school board members, other school faculty, and members of local communities. We do our best to act as an example of how the vast benefits of FFA and agricultural education programs can positively impact people of all ages. 
  • Provide scholarships to students who desire to further their education in technical schools, 2-year community colleges, or 4-year universities across the state and country. We encourage students to pursue their dreams by lessening the financial burden of getting a higher education. 
  • Act as advocates for the next generation of agriculturalists; we desire to have an impact and empower others in our communities, state, and country. 
  • Use our expertise to both train and learn from fellow affiliates around the state and country so that the affect of the FFA Alumni is as far-reaching as possible. The more cohesive and united FFA Alumni are, the more we will be able to play a positive role in FFA chapters, and their subsequent communities. 
  • Give back by volunteering our time and resources to lend a helping hand whenever needed amongst our FFA chapters, schools, communities, state, and country.